For Holmen and Sparta drivers in the market for a new SUV, it's a great time to be thinking ahead to the future. You'll want your SUV to be capable, practical, and safe. Of course, you'll also want it to be modern, equipped with all the latest in technology. The new Subaru Outback has all of those qualities. It's a standout vehicle that's long been a leader in its class. The Outback is getting better with time, and the 2022 model year will bring with it some important changes.

Get to Know the Subaru Outback Wilderness

First of all, there's a new trim for Onalaska drivers to consider. It's the Outback Wilderness. It has a higher ground clearance of 9.5 inches so that it can more confidently head out into rugged conditions, and it has redesigned bumpers and taller springs that can better deal with uneven terrain. All-terrain tires make the trim much more durable, as does the dual-function X-MODE system. X-MODE has been designed with challenges in mind, and it takes all-wheel-drive capability to a whole new level. Subaru has spiced up the cabin of the Wilderness trim as well. It has a vertically-oriented 11.6-inch touchscreen with all kinds of features in place to keep you connected, informed, and entertained.


Some of the other trims in the lineup also use turbo engines, while others do not. Those that don't have the turbocharger are going to get a little boost in 2022. Because of a slight difference in design, they're going to have more horsepower and torque.


Subaru has been busy making improvements to the safety package of the Outback. For 2022, the EyeSight driver-assist technology suite is going to be able to do even more than it currently can. It'll be able to make changes to steering in order to center itself, and it'll come with the ability to read road signs. Plus, it'll have the potential to limit its speed based on the posted speed limits.

At Dahl Subaru in La Crosse WI, we're excited about the upcoming release of the 2022 Subaru Outback. Let us know if you'd like up to keep you updated.

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