Subaru Ascent vs Honda Pilot in La Crosse, WI

Compare the New Subaru Ascent to the Honda Pilot at Dahl Subaru

Are you looking for the right large SUV to traverse the roads of La Crosse, WI and accommodate your favorite activities with he family, look to our great selection of new Subaru Ascent models to provide you with everything you're looking for in a new three-row SUV in Wisconsin. The new Subaru Ascent is designed specifically for climates like ours, offering standard all-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and an impressive turbocharged engine, allowing you to traverse the snow, tow your trailer, or enjoy a confident trip behind the wheel wherever your adventures take you. To help you understand what makes the new Ascent such a special vehicle for drivers around Holmen, we're going to compare it to the new Honda Pilot, giving you a side by side look at some of the highlights that make the new Ascent the right decision for you.

Comparing Performance

  • One of the biggest differences between the Ascent and the Pilot that makes the Ascent such an obvious choice for drivers in Onalaska is that every new Subaru Ascent model comes equipped with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. With standard all-wheel drive, you can traverse snowy weather and off-road terrain with the utmost traction and control. The new Honda Pilot comes with standard front-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive equipped models will cost you extra.
  • The new Subaru Ascent comes equipped with a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine while the Honda Pilot comes equipped with a 2.6-liter V6 engine. The Pilot gets a slight edge in horsepower because of its larger sized engine, but the Ascent offers 277 pounds-feet of torque compared to 262 pounds-feet of torque in the Pilot.
  • The new Subaru Ascent comes equipped with a continuously variable automatic transmission with an eight-speed manual mode via standard paddle shifters. The new Honda Pilot comes equipped with a standard six-speed or available nine-speed automatic transmission.
  • When you're battling heavy snow in Sparta, the Ascent makes it easier thanks to 8.7-inches of ground clearance. The new Honda Pilot offers 7.3-inches of ground clearance.
  • Both vehicles offer up to 5,000 pounds of maximum towing, making it easy to get your trailer or boat on the road with you.

Comparing Features

  • The new Subaru Ascent helps you stay connected and in control of your mobile device while you're on the go thanks to the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into every model, providing you with a familiar menu and controls. The new Honda Pilot also offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but neither feature comes standard.
  • Both vehicles offer renowned standard safety features to help you always stay aware of your surroundings. However, only the new Subaru Ascent comes equipped with standard LED steering responsive headlights, which can turn with the direction of your wheel to illuminate the road ahead when you're turning a corner. The new Honda Pilot doesn't offer a comparable feature.
  • The Subaru Ascent comes equipped with a standard 6.5-inch or available 8-inch touchscreen display. The new Honda Pilot comes with a standard 5-inch or available 8-inch touchscreen display.

Comparing Vehicle Size

  • The new Subaru Ascent provides you with more cargo space than the Pilot does. With all the seats up, the Ascent delivers 17.8 cubic feet of cargo space. With the rear seats down, the Ascent offers up to 86.5 cubic feet of maximum cargo space. The Pilot offers 16.5 cubic feet of space with the seats up and up to 83.9 cubic feet with them down.

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